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For Warehouses

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Universal design baskets for storage and storing things.

Battery powered tool for plastic strapping, Handheld strapping machinery

Big-box containers are intended for use in the food industry, agriculture and other applications. Big-box...

Heavy duty plastic box with lid can be combined with lid or without. Lid snaps...

Minigrip bags

Nesting trays are used to check personal items at various checkpoints.

Order picking trolleys improves order picking efficiency as the unit can be individually tailored to...

Sturdy grid construction with square tubing frame. Sheet metal stacking feet

Stretch pallet wrapping robot, to work in the smallest possible area with a great production...

Plastic envelopes for courier parcels deliveries. Envelopes include the flap with 10mm width single use...

Secure plastic envelopes produced from co-extruded 3-layer clear or opaque film

The self-adhesive envelope made of plastic transparent LDPE material that perfectly sticks on all surfaces

Turntable wrapping machines. Pallet wrappers that combine high performance with simplicity of use.

Goods transport trolleys for the retail sector. Various models from 75 to 240L are available.

Reliable semi-automatic and fully automatic strapping machines. Binding and strapping machines are used for tensioning...

Special transporters for heavy loads, designed for usage in shopping centers, DYI shops or warehouses