Pallet wrapping robot

Pallet wrapping robot

Stretch pallet wrapping robot, to work in the smallest possible area with a great production performances. Innovative technology and exclusive design.

We offer four models of robotic stretch pallet wrapping robots with their compactness and versatility. Pallet wrapping robots are designed for working in small spaces and can be easily moved from one location to another. Depending on the nature of the cargo, the robot may have contact with the pallet or a contactless model may be selected. Thanks to this wrapping technology, there is no limit to the size (width and length) of the pallet, so the machine can be adapted to many different loads.

Common technical features:

Column height from 2000 mm to maximum 2700 mm.
With photo sensor.
Adjustable wrapping speed.
Up to 6 wrapping programs can be saved.
Mechanical brake.
Chargeable batteries from a single-phase network.

We design and select a specific model according to the customer’s needs. Feel free to contact us.


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