Minigrip bags

Minigrip bags

Minigrip bags

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Minigrip bags are made of 40 or 45 microns thickness transparent LDPE polyethylene. These bags are used in many areas for packaging small products or specimen collection. The bags are easy to squeeze without additional tools and can be used several times to reseal them. A wide range of these bags allows you to choose the right size as needed. These bags can also have a special printing area for notes, a hole for a hanger.
If you have not found the size you are interested in, please contact us and we will try to find an individual solution for you.
80 x 120 mm
100 x 150 mm
150 x 220 mm
200 x 300mm
300 x 400 mm
350 x 450 mm
550 x 550 mm

No extra marks.
Bags may have additional area for taking notes.

For bulk product packaging and specimen collection.


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